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Villa Costa Brava- is a real estate organisation that mediates between private and company property buyers and sellers on the Spanish Costa Brava. We also develop real estate at the Spanish Costa Brava ourselves.

They offer privats clients in the existing and future property market:

* Villas
* Chalets
* Apartments
* Attached houses (in rows)
* Building sites
* All objects of all types and prices, in various locations.

They offer companies:

* Hotels
* Restaurants
* Apartment buildings
* Luxury apartments
* Commercial sites
* All properties are offered in a wide variety of prices and in many different locations.

Villa Costa Brava customarily provides:

* Full bilingual assistance with the notarized transfer of the deed.
* Legal guarantees on delivery when purchasing both existing and new properties.
* Full assistance in obtaining visas and permanent residences when purchasing a property.
* We also provide assistance with establishing a business in Spain.

General information about : Living in Spain

Spain is the second most popular holiday destination in Europe (after France). In 1996 between 1.2 and 1.3 million European tourists visited Spain. No wonder that many of them sooner or later would like to settle in their own house in Spain, whether permanent or for vacation. Many have preceded you. Nowadays Spain's real estate market is booming with over an estimated 1milion foreign real estate owners. Circa 20% of these foreigners are more or less permanent residents of Spain, while the remaining 80% bought their property for either vacation or investment purposes.

Spain increasingly attracts more young people in addition to retirees. The Costa Blanca, together with the Costa del Sol has the most people over 65 in the world.To the contrary, the Costa Brava is up and coming, among other reasons because of the vast supply of attractive and affordable houses, the progression of Barcelona and the relatively limited distance to other European countries.

Also because of the increased interest in golf at the Costa Brava, one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world is currently being built here, many golf enthusiasts buy a second house here.

Nowadays more and more people are free to settle where they choose and Spain is the first choice for many. One can engage in outdoor activities virtually year round and enjoy what life in Spain has to offer. Spain is becoming an affordable alternative to the Cote d'Azur.

Spanish visa

Buying real estate in Spain does not necessarily mean that you have to apply for a visa (residencia), that is based on other criteria.You will need to apply for a visa if you are going to stay in Spain in excess of 183 days a year, if you seek employment or if you want to start your own business in Spain.This implies that you have to renounce your registration in your country of origin.

If you don't live in Spain permanently it is advisable to remit all financial matter (like electricity and telephone bills and local dues and taxes) by electronic transfer. You will not be the first one who has to deal with disconnection notices, disconnections or even levies placed on assets, while visiting your second home. Notify utility and other companies from which you receive regular billing that you want a "domiciliacion bancaria". Whit authorization to all the relevant companies, the current bills will be paid out of your account automatically. Make sure there are sufficient funds in your account and check your statements for possible mistakes.

Where to buy/settle

In contrary to for example France, where many foreigners buy real estate inland, the Spanish market for foreigners is mainly concentrated along the Costa's. Very few foreigners buy real estate more than 20 kilometers inland. Only adventurers and people in search of a rural life venture away from the coast.

On which coast you decide to buy depends of course mainly on your personal preferences.These preferences are mostly based on positive experiences with a certain area, it already feels a bit like home, you made some contacts and you looked around for prices and availability. It is not advisable to purchase real estate in an area you have never visited. If you consider purchasing real estate it is recommendable to explore the area and get very well informed.

In case you decide to settle in Spain permanently it is advisable to visit during different times of the year so that you will get to know the area after the peak season. The charming little coast town can be deserted and the bungalow park you visited during the peak season may have turned in to a ghost town, with blinds for the windows, 80% of the houses uninhabited and with the shops, bars and restaurants closed. A feeling of loneliness is then right around the corner. One should therefore choose an area that has a lot going on even after the peak season, like the Costa Brava's "golden triangle".

The following aspects are influenced by the location of the property:

Purchase price

* accessibility (mode of transportation, time of travel, cost of travel)
* cost of living (in the villages inland prices are lower than in the tourist destinations on the coast)
* quality of living in summer and winter
* climate (can you winter there?)
* recreational
* cultural and social events
* short and long term possibilities to rent out or sell your house

When you decide to settle in Spain permanently with your children, you will also have to take the existence of (international) schools into consideration, both short and long term (advanced education). Some towns have English schools that are subsidized by the English ministry of education. These schools provide courses and tutoring for both children and adults.

Before purchasing a property it is advisable to visit city hall (=Ayuntamiento) to investigate the zoning plans, these decide what the surroundings of your house will look like in the future. It is very well possible that plans exist to build the vicinity over with bungalows, restaurants, clubs etc.